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What we stand for!

Linen bedding in soft colors

Nature, animals and people

We consider nature, human and animal welfare important and are convinced that everyone can do their part (big or small) in this. This principle therefore runs like a thread through our operations.

Linen is durable

Linen is the most environmentally friendly textile in the world. This starts with the growth of the flax plant, it needs much less water compared to the cotton plant. It grows from rainwater and needs no irrigation. It is a plant that grows in the coastal areas of the Netherlands, Belgium and France. In addition, linen is very strong and thus also lasts much longer before needing to be replaced. This is the important reason we chose linen as the base product our bedding collection.
All our linen is Oeko-Tex Standard 100® European Flax Fiber® labeled. It is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Plastic free

Plastic is harmful to our environment. The sea is full of it, animals get it in their stomach which is not good for them. Therefore, we strive to use no plastic. This means, for example, that our bedding is thus not in plastic packaging but is packaged in a nice sustainable (reusable) way and also shipped plastic free.


When we receive an order we are going to pack it for you immediately if the product is in stock. The package will be shipped the same day or a day later. This depends on the time of order. We do not join the trend of ordered before 11 p.m., delivered tomorrow. We do not have overflowing trucks leaving our warehouse every day, and half-full trucks cost money and are environmentally damaging. Therefore, we choose regular transportation through a major carrier.

Paperless office

The less paper we consume (uselessly), the better. Therefore, you will receive your order confirmation and invoice by e-mail. Every little bit helps!

Zero Emission

Our warehouse has zero CO2 emissions due to the solar panels on the roof.

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