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Frequently asked questions about linen bedding

FAQ linen bedding

The 10 most frequently asked questions about linen

Why is linen more expensive?

Despite being used worldwide, linen remains a luxurious and exclusive fabric. The process to produce linen is longer and more labor-intensive, making the cost of the fabric higher than other textiles.

Is linen durable?

Linen is the most durable textile in the world! The flax plant from which linen is made requires very little water to grow and no pesticides. The entire plant is used to make linen. Nothing is thrown away. Very few chemicals are needed to produce the dust. Due to the strong natural fiber of the fabric, it stays beautiful and soft for years. You have fun for a very long time and you don’t join the disposable culture.

Why linen bedding?

Linen bedding is great in any season! It feels warm in winter and cool in summer. It absorbs a lot of moisture, nice if you perspire at night. It contains no dust mites, nice if you have allergies. And it is wonderfully soft but because of the natural fiber not too slippery but comfortable.

Veel gestelde vragen over linnen

Why should I choose linen over cotton?

Linen has several advantages over cotton. Made from a natural fiber, the fabric is stronger than cotton. Linen can also absorb much more moisture without becoming damp itself, contains no dust mites and is the most environmentally friendly textile in the world.

Can you wash linen easily?

Linen is actually very easy to maintain. You wash it at 40 degrees, you dry it in the dryer on a low temperature and ironing the bedding is not necessary. Just don’t use harsh detergents or bleaches. Hot washing? No, don’t and it’s not necessary (no dust mites) and the fibers can break which doesn’t help the dust.

Which detergent is best to use?

Do not use detergents containing chlorine or bleach.Use a mild detergent this way you will keep the colors and fabric beautiful. Powerful detergents do not benefit the fabric.The linen will wear out harder and white dots may appear in the fabric if this powerful detergent is not rinsed out properly.

Does linen shrink?

The first few times you wash linen it may shrink a bit. All of our linen products are already pre-washed which really minimizes shrinkage. Wash it at 40 degrees.

Is linen soft?

Linen is by nature a “hard” fabric. Throughout the production process, the fabric is specially treated to make it soft. Not only does it soften, it also keeps it from shrinking later.

Is linen fine if you perspire a lot at night?

If you perspire a lot, linen is recommended. Linen can absorb a lot of moisture without becoming damp itself. Your bedding stays fresh and you sleep so much better.

Is linen hypoallergenic?

Yes, linen is hypoallergenic. House dust mites do not thrive in linen, therefore it is a very suitable fabric for people and children with allergies.

Is linen nice to sleep under in any season?

Linen is suitable for every season. In summer, it feels cool and airy. In the winter, on the contrary, it feels warm. Linen can give off heat but also retain it. As a result, your body always stays at the right temperature and you fall asleep quickly.

Linen bedding Casa Homefashion | Harmony of nature

Casa Comodo specializes in linen bedding. The Casa Homefashion collection consists of comforter covers (sets), fitted sheets, loose pillowcases and bedspreads. Casa Comodo stands for quality and durability. We sell only European linen that is made in a sustainable way. The bedding is always 100% linen, both top and bottom. It is never a blend with cotton, for example. After all, when you choose linen, you’re also choosing the beautiful properties of the fabric.

Casa Comodo offers premium quality linen at the nicest price. Sustainably made in Europe, free of harmful chemicals and pesticides and 100% plastic-free packaging and shipping.

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