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Premium quality linen, best price. How is that possible?

Premium quality linen bedding, best price linen bedding

Quality & Price

Why is the linen bedding from Casa Comodo the most beautiful linen for the best price?


We offer the best quality linen bedding for the best price. Yes, that’s really true! 170 gr/m2 linen, beautiful colors and prices including pillowcases!
But how is that possible, you might wonder? Premium quality linen and the best price? The answer is actually very simple. As the English say “We cut out the middle man”.

Linen has always been a luxurious and exclusive fabric. But always more expensive than cotton, for example. Why is linen more expensive than other textiles? The process of producing linen is more labor and time intensive. The machines for spinning and weaving the linen must be at a lower speed because otherwise the fibers will break. They can therefore produce less linen per day if you compare it for example with cotton. So it takes more time and labor and that makes linen more expensive. But the result is that the linen is much stronger and more durable than other types of textile, so you can enjoy it for a longer period of time (fun fact: the price per night sleeping under linen bed bedding is lower than other types of textile ?).

Always 100% linen

Premium quality and best price for linen bedding

We buy our linen in Europe and have it made in a small workshop. This is durable European linen, 170 gr / m2 (thread count 170). This is a nice quality linen, not too thin and not too heavy. To make a comparison, cheaper providers often have a quality of 100-104.
Our linen is 100% linen, so no mix with cotton. In addition, the top and bottom are always 100% linen, which means that you also enjoy the fine features of linen when you lie underneath.
So we have not saved on the quality of our linen bedding!

Direct sale

Direct sale to consumers

What have we done? We have opted for a different business model. We have made the process from spinning, weaving and making the bedding to the customer shorter. We have left out a piece (Cut out the middle man). We produce the linen and do not sell it through a third party. No, we sell it directly to the person sleeping under the duvet cover. In this way we make high-quality linen bedding available for many people. By removing a chain in the distribution channel, we are able to keep our price low.

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