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Washing advice linen bedding

Washing advice linen bedding

Simple and durable

How can you best wash your linen bedding?

Washing your linen bedding like your duvet covers and pillowcases is not difficult, you just have to know a few things!

Washing advices


Linen bedding should never be washed too hot, wash it at 30 or 40 degrees Celsius. Use a mild detergent free of chlorine and bleach. This keeps the colours extra beautiful!
Powerful detergents can damage the fibers and color of linen (as well as other textiles) and are not beneficial to the longevity of textiles.
Do not overload your washer or the fibers may break. Separate light and dark colors, wash your linen bedding separately from your other laundry such as wool, polyester or cotton. The fibers of these fabrics can blend with the natural fiber of the linen. This does not benefit the softness and purity of the linen.


It is best to let the bed linen be dry in the open air. But we understand very well that this is not (always) possible. Either you don’t have the space or it’s just raining…. :-). To get the linen nice and soft, we recommend that you dry the comforter cover in the dryer for another 10 minutes on a low temperature.

Drying in a tumble dryer is also allowed; this does make the linen more subject to wear and tear. Dry it separately from other laundry (such as cotton, etc.) at a low temperature. And in the evening you have a delicious soft bed.

And in the evening you have a delicious soft bed. Always iron it inside out. Always iron it inside out.

After each wash your linen becomes softer and more beautiful

A few more facts:

Do you use night cream, body lotion or another cream at night. Make sure this is well soaked in, it can tarnish and/or discolor the linen. For example, white spots can be caused by the use of creams used in acne treatment.

Do you have a linen fitted sheet? Then we recommend having a set so you can alternate them. A fitted sheet wears out faster because there is more friction because you are always turning over several times at night anyway. By alternating, you extend the life of your fitted sheet. This also applies to your comforter cover and pillowcases.

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