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Meet the brand Casa Comodo

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Casa Comodo
Inspired by Nature

Casa Comodo is the brand for high-quality linen bedding. Durable linen, exclusive and affordable. We are a Dutch brand with a wide collection of linen bedding designed and developed in-house. For our brand, we wanted only European linen with the most important certifications, Oeko-Tex Standard® and European Flax Fiber®. Linen produced and woven in a fair and sustainable manner, free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. And this is what we found in Portugal. All our bedding is made in a small-scale workshop in Portugal where people are paid fairly and work in good conditions.

100% Linen

Casa Comodo’s bedding is made of 100% linen. Linen is the most sustainable textile in the world. Linen is soft, feels cool in summer and warm in winter and is moisture absorbent and antibacterial. And it contains no dust mites. These unique properties were the deciding factor for us to work only with 100% pure linen. So no mix of 50% cotton/50% linen or one side of linen and one side of cotton. No, at Casa Comodo you always have 100% linen, sustainably produced and a heavier quality fabric.

Our values

In addition to a wide variety of colors, wide choice and high quality requirements of our collection, there are a number of other principles that are important:
Plastic free : no plastic packaging but a nice reusable packaging (made of linen of course).
Good quality, sustainably and fairly produced . Linen with an Oeko Tex standard® and European Flax Fiber® seal of approval. Free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.
No surprises for the customer. If you buy a duvet cover from us, this includes 1 or 2 pillowcases. The price you see is the price for a complete set. This way you are always assured that your duvet cover and pillowcases have been in the same dye bath and that there is no color difference! Would you like to combine colours? Which can. You can always order loose pillowcases with it.
Linen is a natural product and therefore there may be slight color differences between different dye baths. Linen does not always absorb paint the same way; this can vary from one flax crop to another.
A fair price . We produce the Casa Comodo collection in-house. You can buy the linen bedding only exclusively in our webshop Casa Comodo. Because we produce and sell it in-house, we can also offer it at the best price. Casa Comodo stands for good quality, nice price and exclusivity. Would you like to know more about ‘Premium quality – Best price, how is that possible’? click here

Became curious?

The collection

Casa Comodo’s collection consists of linen duvet covers (sets) and linen bedspreads, sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, ready-made curtains, bed runners, plaids, decorative pillows and tablecloths. Always 100% linen.

A wide collection of linen bedding to completely decorate your bedroom with beautiful linen. In addition to the wide selection of products, you can also choose from lots of colors!

A colorful collection of which you can also combine the colors to create your own style.

Discover our collection of sustainable linen bedding

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