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Linen duvet covers

Beautiful linen duvet covers, sustainable and packed plastic free. Linen with an Oeko-Tex Standard® and Premium Flax Fiber® Certificates.
The bottom and top of the bedding is always 100% linen. All our prices include pillowcases.

Experience the luxury of a linen duvet cover

A linen duvet cover has a natural and exclusive look. Besides all the unique properties of linen, it really adds something in your bedroom. You create a real hotel feeling in your own bedroom. In addition to comfort, a linen duvet cover also has a practical advantage. You do not have to iron the linen! The more often you wash it, the softer it becomes. But it is always a fabric with a rough and natural look.

Linen is a natural fiber with very characteristic properties! It is antibacterial and hypoallergenic (no dust mites) and it is absorbent. It can absorb a lot of moisture without getting damp itself. Linen is becoming softer as it is washed more often. And it feels cool on the summer and warm in the winter. These properties improve your night’s sleep (and this has been proven!).

Good night

A good night’s rest is so important to be able to function properly during the day. Fine bedding can certainly contribute to this. It is still wonderful to feel every day that you crawl under a freshly washed down duvet!

In short the most important advantages of linen:

Linen is anti bacterial, so does not contain dust mites
Linen is a natural, sustainable fiber, it is strong and soft
It has a high absorbing capacity so that it can absorb a lot of moisture without being damp itself. Ideal for people who sweat a lot or suffer from hot flashes
Linen feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Linen duvet covers in many colors

Casa Comodo has a large collection of linen bedding. Several linen duvet covers and linen pillowcases in different colors.
Our duvet covers are available in 3 sizes: 140×220 cm, 200×220 cm, 240×220 cm and 260×220 cm. All duvet covers are always supplied with 1 or 2 pillowcases.

The linen pillowcases can also be ordered separately if you would like to have an extra set. Or to combine different color pillowcases with each other for a surprising effect!

Do you want to make your bed completely linen proof? Then you can also order a linen fitted sheet. In the same color as your duvet cover or in a different matching color.

Give yourself the luxury of a linen duvet cover!

Sleep well under linen bedding. That is comfortable and luxurious sleep! Create a luxurious hotel feeling in your own home!

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