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Optimal enjoyment of linen: also choose a linen fitted sheet

The collection of linen fitted sheets from Casa Comodo consists of a range of various colors and stripes available in different sizes. Do you already have a linen duvet cover with pillowcases, but do you want to fully enjoy the unique properties of linen? Choose a linen fitted sheet and make your bed 100% linen proof!

The unique properties of linen:

It is antibacterial (no house mite)
Has a high absorbent capacity
Made from a natural fiber
It is three stronger than cotton
Feels cool in the summer, warm in the winter.
These beautiful, unique properties of linen make the fabric so suitable for people who are allergic to house mite, people who perspire a lot or suffer from hot flashes.

With a linen bottom sheet you make your bed complete and you can fully enjoy the comfort of linen. All our fitted sheets are provided with elastic in the corners so you can easily make up your bed. The sheet always stays neatly around the corners and does not shift.

Subdued to colorful

The underlays are available in various colors, subdued natural shades such as white, light gray or anthracite. But also exuberant colors of blue, lavender, pink, green and dark green. You can choose the same color as your duvet cover or a completely different color. In this way you create the style that suits you and makes your bedroom into a luxury hotel room.

Dimensions of fitted sheets

The bottom sheets are available in 3 sizes:

90x200x20 cm (1-person)
160x200x20 cm (2 persons)
180x200x20 cm (twin beds)
You can easily wash the sheets in the washing machine. Wash the linen at 40 degrees Celsius with a soft detergent without bleach, hang it outside or dry it at a low temperature in the dryer. Ironing is allowed, but you do not have to!

Make your bed linen-proof with a linen fitted sheet for optimal enjoyment!

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