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Why is linen bedding so durable?

Why is linen bedding sustainable?

Why is linen so durable?

Linen bedding is the most sustainable choice you can make. But why is linen so durable compared to other textiles? Sustainability begins at the moment the flax plant from which linen is made, is sown.

Little water, no pesticides

Linen is made from the flax plant. The flax plant grows in coastal areas in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. A modest plant with a sweet purple flower. The flax plant needs little water. And certainly does not need extra water like a cotton plant. Also, the flax plant does not like and does not need pesticides. These are the first 2 reasons why linen is so durable.

No felling trees, no residual waste

The environmental impact of being able to make linen is low. No trees are cut down as it is in the case for example with Tencel and lyocell. This is made from Eucalyptus trees that grow in Australia and Africa. The flax plant is a crop that is harvested after 100 days and then completely processed into linen. From the seeds, they will make oil. Really the whole plant is used.

No harmful chemicals

The process from flax plant to linen is an environmentally friendly process. No harmful chemicals are required for this. The process is only labour-intensive, which means that linen is more expensive than other types of textile.

Daily use and maintenance

Linen is a natural product that is strong but must also be treated with care. Washing (with a mild detergent) at a low temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius is the max. Dry it outside on the clothesline or in the tumble dryer on a low temperature. Energy is saved with both washing and drying.

Sustainable choice

You can see that in every phase from plant to use, linen is a sustainable choice. A luxurious fabric with many unique properties (see page benefits of linen) so that you can sleep much better.
For the linen bedding of our own brand Casa Homefashion , we looked for the best supplier who had to meet a few conditions. Certified linen, respect for nature, animals and humans. And the quality linen that we have in mind. We found this supplier in Portugal. Our linen bedding is made of linen with an Oeko-Tex Standard® and Premium Linen fiber® certificate. It is 100% linen, both top and bottom. The people who make it work under good conditions and are paid fairly.

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