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Linen bedding

Are you looking for linen bedding in a beautiful color or stripe?
A duvet cover, fitted sheet, pillowcase or children’s bed linen? In our webshop you will find sustainable linen from Europe. All our linen bedding is always made from 100% linen, top and bottom (no mix). With our brand Casa Homefashion we guarantee you the most beautiful (colorful) linen for the best price. With respect for nature, sustainable and plastic-free.

Bed linen of durable 100% pure linen
Comfortable linen bedding

Bed linen from linen gives you a real hotel feeling in your bedroom. It has a luxurious look, is cool and exclusive. But linen offers so much more! A linen duvet cover feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Linen is antibacterial and has a high absorbent capacity. Beautiful properties that other substances do not offer.

Bed linen of durable linen

Linen is three stronger than cotton. Because it is so strong, it also lasts a long time, but it is also beautiful! The fabric is made from a natural fiber. The growing and processing of the plant that linen is ultimately made from, is also the least environmentally harmful of all substances available.

Collection linen bedding Casa Comodo

The collection of Casa Comodo consists of linen duvet covers (sets), this includes 1 or 2 pillowcases, loose pillowcases and fitted sheets. So you can make your entire bed linen proof. And this does not have to be the same color, you can of course also combine different colors with each other.
The collection consists of various brands such as Linen Tales, Libeco and the house brand Casa Homefashion.

Maintenance linen bedding

Washing linen is not more complicated than that of other fabrics. Wash it at 40 degrees Celsius, hang it outside to dry or dry it in the tumble dryer at a low temperature, ironing is allowed but is not necessary! Do not use bleaches or detergents with bleach.

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