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Benefits linen bedding

linen bedding Terracotta, brand Casa Homefashion

Benefits linen duvet cover

Why should you opt for a linen duvet cover? What are the benefits?

The benefits of linen duvet covers, it is beautiful, luxurious and rough. It is a beautiful fabric to use for bedding, cushions and bedspread in your bedroom because of the natural fiber of the fabric. It actually has one drawback. It is just a bit more expensive to buy if you compare it with, for example, a cotton duvet cover. But why are there so many people who opt for linen bedding and never want anything else? We have done an investigation

In brief

In brief the benefits of linen duvet covers:

Linen is hypoallergenic! Bugs like house mites are not in linen. It is therefore very suitable for people who are allergic.
Linen absorbs a lot of moisture without the fabric becoming humid itself. This is very comfortable, especially for people who sweat a lot during their sleep.
It feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
The more often linen is washed, the softer and more comfortable the fabric feels
You do not have to iron it. It is of course possible and the advantage is that the wrinkles go out faster than with cotton!
Linen is 3 times stronger than cotton. So you will have pleasure for many years from it!
And not unimportant. The production of linen is more sustainable.

Our collection

Linen duvet covers from the brand Casa Homefashion

Because linen has so many unique properties, we have chosen for our own collection of linen duvet covers. We co-operate with companies who weave and process durable linen into the final product. In a fair way for everyone, the environment and people. The Casa Homefashion collection stands for a colorful collection of linen bedding, sustainably produced, premium quality for the best price. Please note: compared to other providers, our prices of linen duvet covers include 1 or 2 pillow cases!

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