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Benefits linen bedding

De voordelen van linnen beddengoed | Casa ComodoDe voordelen van linnen beddengoed | Casa Comodo

Advantages linen duvet cover

Why should you choose a linen duvet cover? What are the benefits?

The benefits of linen duvet covers? It is beautiful, luxurious and tough. And it has unique properties that no other fabric can offer you. The texture of the fabric gives your interior an exclusive and natural look. Linen is wonderful for bedding, curtains, pillows, plaids, bedspreads and tablecloths. It actually has one drawback. It’s just a little more expensive to purchase when you compare it to, say, a cotton duvet cover.

But why then are so many people choosing linen bedding and never wanting anything else?

In brief

In brief, the benefits of linen duvet covers:

Linen is a natural product; it contains no plastic particles.
Linen is hypoallergenic and antibacterial! Bugs like dust mites are not found in linen. So it is very suitable for people who are allergic.
Linen absorbs a great deal of moisture without the fabric itself becoming damp, as much as 20% of its own weight. This is very pleasant, especially for people who perspire a lot during sleep. Your linen bedding will stay fresh and comfortable.
It feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
The more often linen is washed, the softer and more comfortable the fabric feels
Ironing is not necessary!
Linen is strong. So you will enjoy it for a long time!
And not insignificantly. Producing linen is sustainable. The flax plant from which linen is made grows in the coastal areas of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The plant has enough rainwater (irrigation is not necessary) and does not like pesticides.
The maintenance of linen bedding is also sustainable. Wash it at up to 30-40 degrees Celsius and your bedding will be really clean and fresh.

Our Collection

Linen duvet covers from Casa Comodo

Casa Comodo’s collection consists of a wide range of linen bedding to completely decorate your bedroom. Made of linen that meets the highest quality standards. Sustainably produced, the linen is Oeko-Tex Standard® and European Flax Fiber® certified. Made with respect for nature, animal and wildlife. Free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

All our products are always made of 100% linen, so no mix with cotton, tencel or hemp so you can always enjoy the full benefits of linen.

Explore our collection of linen bedding:

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