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  • Stylish linen bedding

    Bedroom restyling in 3 steps

    Do you enjoy restyling your bedroom without having to paint an entire wall right away? Your bedding is the foundation with which you can easily completely change the look and feel in your bedroom! Your bed as the basis for styling Most beds take up about 3.6 m2 in your bedroom. That’s quite an area. …

  • Oudroze linnen sprei

    3 x Zero – Sustainable Business

    3 x zero does not sound positive but in this case it is! It means zero waste, zero plastic and zero emissions. Linen is a sustainable choice and, of course, that includes sustainable business. We also make every effort to do business as sustainably as possible. These are our three pillars: Zero waste Linen is …

  • beige linnen sprei

    6 storage tips for your linen bedding

    There is nothing like stepping into a freshly washed bed. But after washing your bedding, how can you keep it fresh for a long time if you store it in your closet for a while? This is quite a challenge. Why is it that your bedding starts to smell a little musty in your closet …

  • Buy linen sheet beige

    A linen flat sheet in winter

    That a linen flat sheet is wonderful to sleep under in the summer is well known. But why would you also choose a linen sheet in the winter? The answer is actually not that hard, it looks nice, it sleeps well, it’s sustainable and it’s less work! A linen flat sheet is luxurious and exclusive …

  • Order striped linen duvet cover Stripe Blossom

    Striped Linen Stripe Blossom | New!

    This time not a new color but an exclusive stripe design. Meet Stripe Blossom, a rough stripe in soft stylish colors. Designed in our studio and woven in Portugal with sustainable European linen. The colors of the stripes were chosen with care and are coordinated with existing colors in the collection. A complete collection of …

  • Buy sage green linen fitted sheet topper a cover mattress

    Linen fitted sheets for toppers | New

    Are you looking for a linen topper fitted sheet? Then from now on you can also find them in our webshop. The linen fitted sheets topper are available in various colors that you can combine with our linen bedding. Naturally made from 100% sustainable European linen. Why linen fitted sheets for toppers? Do you have …

  • Tips on buying linen bedding

    What to look out for when buying a linen duvet cover

    Linen bedding comes in many shapes and sizes. But what is the best thing to look for in order to buy the finest linen duvet cover that you will also enjoy for the longest time? Here are a few tips on what to look out for: Is the linen you buy really 100% linen? To …

  • Taupe Linen Pillowcase with Ruffles

    New color! Linen bedding Simply Taupe

    Rough and stylish, that’s our new color Simply Taupe. And a perfect match with linen. A fine natural look combined with natural materials for an exclusive look in your bedroom. Taupe Taupe is an understated color, a fusion of grey and brown. It is also a color that fits into many interior design styles. From …

  • Celestial living yurt retreat

    A yurt in nature and linen – Perfect match

    Do you like luxury, tranquility and the nature around you during your holiday? Then sleeping in a nice yurt from Celestial Living Yurt Retreat is definitely a good idea! And the nice thing is, you also sleep under the linen bedding from Casa Comodo. Fully furnished yurts Celestial Living Yurt Retreat, in the village of …

  • ventilating linen bedding

    Thermoregulation and breathability, how linen bedding ensures a good night’s sleep

    Linen is the most thermoregulatory fabric in the world. But what does this actually mean and what are its benefits? And most importantly, linen actually helps you sleep better. Thermoregulation is a fancy word for ‘controlling your body temperature’. Your body is constantly working to stay at the right temperature. For example, external factors such …

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