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  • beige linen bedspread in Libelle magazine

    Inspiration for your bedroom

    Always great fun to see your own collection in a magazine. Last week we had a beautiful report in the Libelle . A special full of inspiration for your bedroom. And of course we would like to share this with you! The styling was done by Moniek Visser Styling and the photography by Peggy Janssen …

  • collection sleepy unplugged -

    Botanical Balms from Lab Tonica – New

    Sometimes you come across super nice brands that have nothing to do with linen bedding but still fit within the Casa Comodo concept. Sustainable, plastic-free and in harmony with nature. Lab Tonica is such a brand, a collection of delicious botanical balms, pillow mist and tea, 100% pure nature. And we are the first in …

  • greyed green linen pillowcase with ruffles

    Never enough pillows on your bed

    Extra pillows on your bed give a feeling of luxury and comfort. And that’s why we have expanded our collection of linen pillowcases with pillowcases with a refined ruffle. More choice, more variety. Available in 6 colors that match beautifully with our linen bedding collection. Styling your bedroom Our collection of linen pillowcases has been …

  • pink linen duvet cover

    Is linen bedding nice in the summer?

    On the question you can sleep under linen bedding in the summer, we can answer this wholeheartedly with yes. Even in summer, linen is the finest textile for a good night’s sleep. The benefits of linen bedding in the summer Linen is an airy and ventilating fabric. It can retain your heat well but also …

  • linen bedspread light grey

    New in the collection: light grey linen bedspread Pearl Grey

    And this is color number 8 in our collection of linen bedspreads, light grey linen bedspread Pearl Grey. Pearl Grey is a nice light grey color for a natural home. A beautiful combination, the color grey with the natural and sustainable fiber of the linen. Natural color The color of your bedding largely determines the …

  • White linen bedspread

    The white linen bedspread Snow White has arrived!

    White, white, white! New in the collection! The white linen bedspread Snow White. A beautiful luxury linen bedspread made of 100% sustainable European linen with an Oeko-Tex Standard Certificate. This is color number 7 in the bedspreads collection. Bright white linen bedspread White should certainly not be missing in our collection of bedspreads. The combination …

  • old pink linen bedspread

    Color in your bedroom

    Do you want more color in your bedroom but you don’t know how to go about it? You don’t just give your walls a different color. The solution is actually very simple. Play with the colors of your bedding and create a new look & feel every time you change your bedding. What can you …

  • light gray linen bedding Pearl Gray

    Natural color Pearl Grey – New

    Another new color in our linen bedding collection. The new color is Pearl Grey. A nice soft color grey. A color from nature. This grey duvet cover is made of 100% linen, top and bottom. Sustainable linen from Europe with an Oeko-Tex Standard Certificate. Peace and space in your bedroom Pearl Grey is a color …

  • brown linen duvet cover

    New color linen bedding Hazelnut Brown

    A number of new items have been added to our linen bedding collection. And this is, among other things, the color Hazelnut Brown. A beautiful sparkling brown color, a warm cool hazelnut color. Tough and exclusive bedroom Brown is a real trend color for the year 2021. And it is by no means boring. In …

  • ready-made linen curtain pink

    Linen curtains – NEW

    We thought that linen curtains should not be missing from our collection. Ready-made linen curtains in the colors of our linen bedding. You can now make your entire bedroom linen proof ? Mix & Match or choose one color. Ready-made linen curtains You can hang these linen curtains quickly and easily. The top is finished …

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