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Linen pinafore apron

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Linen pinafore aprons

A linen pinafore apron is more than just an apron. The design is based on a traditional pinafore. It is truly a stylish kitchen apron! A pinafore apron has so many advantages. You do it easily on and off again. The kitchen apron falls well around your body. Because the shoulder straps cross loose around your shoulders, it does not pinch anywhere. You always have sufficient room to move, for example, to bend or grab cookware from a tall cupboard.

Protect your clothes during cooking

The linen fabric of the pinafore apron covers your clothes on the front and back. So wiping your hands is not a problem! Your clothing stays clean during cooking, cleaning or gardening!
The large pockets on the front of the pinafore are large enough for cooking utensils and hand tools.

Choose your color pinafore apron

The pinafore is available in various colors from understated to colorful. Natural tones such as natural, light gray and anthracite. But you can also opt for lavender, pink, mustard or moss green.

1 size pinafore apron

The linen pinafore aprons are for sale in one size. The total length from shoulder to the hem on the underside is approximately 105 cm. It is made of 100% pure linen, produced sustainably in Lithuania. The brand is Linen Tales. You can wash the aprons at 40 degrees Celsius. Ironing is (fortunately) not necessary, but is allowed.

Which color pinfafore kitchen apron do you choose?

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