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  • Linnen beddengoed met het keurmerk Oeko-Tex Standard

    Linen bedding with a certifcation

    If you want to buy sustainable linen bedding, a label gives you assurance that you are making the right choice. The textile meets all high (sustainability) requirements. Therefore, we choose only linen with the most important certifications. Because we can say that we have beautiful and sustainable linen bedding, but it is much more important …

  • Light brown linen pillow cover

    New color linen Natural Brown

    And another new color in our linen bedding collection. This time a beautiful caramel brown shade, Natural Brown. A fine neutral shade that you can combine wonderfully with. A neutral shade for your bedroom Natural Brown is a warm neutral shade that fits into many living styles. Bohemian, Nordic, rural, industrial but also eclectic. Combine …

  • beige linnen sprei

    6 storage tips for your linen bedding

    There is nothing like stepping into a freshly washed bed. But after washing your bedding, how can you keep it fresh for a long time if you store it in your closet for a while? This is quite a challenge. Why is it that your bedding starts to smell a little musty in your closet …

  • Order striped linen duvet cover Stripe Blossom

    Striped Linen Stripe Blossom | New!

    This time not a new color but an exclusive stripe design. Meet Stripe Blossom, a rough stripe in soft stylish colors. Designed in our studio and woven in Portugal with sustainable European linen. The colors of the stripes were chosen with care and are coordinated with existing colors in the collection. A complete collection of …

  • Taupe Linen Pillowcase with Ruffles

    New color! Linen bedding Simply Taupe

    Rough and stylish, that’s our new color Simply Taupe. And a perfect match with linen. A fine natural look combined with natural materials for an exclusive look in your bedroom. Taupe Taupe is an understated color, a fusion of grey and brown. It is also a color that fits into many interior design styles. From …

  • linen bedding in the summer, is that nice?

    Linen bedding in the summer? Is that nice?

    Do you also sleep well under linen bedding in the summer? That is a question we get regularly. And I can answer a resounding YES to this. Even when it is warmer, linen bedding is highly recommended. Why? I’ll explain that briefly here. The natural fiber of linen Linen is a natural product, the long …

  • Ice blue linen duvet cover set

    New color Ice Blue

    We’ve added a new shade of blue to our linen bedding collection. It is the color Ice Blue. A beautiful ice blue color for magic in your bedroom. Naturally made from 100% sustainable European linen. That didn’t work out yet Getting exactly the color we wanted was not easy. Ice blue has a tendency to …

  • Light gray linen duvet cover

    Marrakech style linen

    Linen actually fits into any interior, from classic, boho to rural. The interior of Sanne @Enstijl’s B&B proves this again. She has transformed an old school building into a palace in Marrakech style. Earth tones, cane, rattan and linen are beautifully combined here. Natural materials Linen is a natural product and it really shows. The …

  • beige linen bedspread in Libelle magazine

    Inspiration for your bedroom

    Always great fun to see your own collection in a magazine. Last week we had a beautiful report in the Libelle . A special full of inspiration for your bedroom. And of course we would like to share this with you! The styling was done by Moniek Visser Styling and the photography by Peggy Janssen …

  • pink linen duvet cover

    Is linen bedding nice in the summer?

    On the question you can sleep under linen bedding in the summer, we can answer this wholeheartedly with yes. Even in summer, linen is the finest textile for a good night’s sleep. The benefits of linen bedding in the summer Linen is an airy and ventilating fabric. It can retain your heat well but also …

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